Volunteer Visit, 2019

A brief but very successful visit this year went down as a great success, both for directors Frank and Lynn, accompanied by John, director-on-the-ground in Tanzania, and for the volunteers, Jackie and Susan. Jackie arrived all the way from Iowa, USA and Susan from Toronto, Canada.

Jackie and Susan had pleasure in leading two groups of students in Marangu West in English practice. Students appreciated the interactive style of guidance practised by the volunteers. One young student even said, when asked ‘what was his favourite bit?’ he replied ‘the ‘wazungu’ teachers actually talk to us!’ We’re sure both Jackie and Susan shared the enthusiasm of the students and a good time was had by all. And for Jackie it was her first time in Africa!

Frank and Lynn were able to visit all the projects currently sponsored by ABCDreams Canada as well as to continue their support for the families struggling to keep their children in school. To top it all ABCD Tanzania held a crucial meeting to discuss future plans and possible changes to the programmes in the upcoming 2 years (see group pic below).

Altogether, a great visit and one which will not be forgotten by those students and families attending the final Art Day (videos below).

ABCDreams Tanzania Group
Art day Drawing and Painting
Fran-Lynn thanks
Frank and Lynn thanked by Mamas

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