Initial Progress

In the run-up to the second meeting of our NGO Art Building Children’s Dreams Tanzania on April 18th we have finished our NGO Offices at Makomu Secondary School. The pictures below show our fundis working on the redecoration of the ABCDreams office at Makomu Secondary School.

Now, despite all our collective efforts to publish a constitution for the purpose of registering ABCD Tanzania as a local NGO, our application was rejected in the first instance. It appears that we need to change the constitution in order to comply with new directions. The registration of NGO’s is now managed by the Tanzanian Ministry of Community, Gender and Children rather than the Ministry of Home Affairs as was the case in the past. Therefore, there are some new regulations and forms which, together with the older regulations, must be met. We aim at our next meeting to ratify modifications in the constitution according to the new directions and to re-submit asap. More on this as we proceed.

Meantime, we look forward to our next meeting to discuss possibilities of raising funds locally and perhaps to get a few more people on board to help us. As they say in education here, “We are together!” Our next post will be from our office at Makomu!

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