Hello Tanzania!

On February 21st, 2015 we held our first AGM of founding members. As a group we ratified the constitution and elected officers – a great start to the business of running a not-for-profit Non-Governmental Organization  (NGO). The list of founding members is as follows (including elected office-bearers):

From abroad (wageni):

  • Lynn Bird (Canada)
  • Frank Smith (Canada)
  • John de Ronde (Director, United Kingdom)

and from Tanzania:

  • Fransiska Ngalo
  • Bigna Kessy
  • Thomas Kaniki (Director, Chairperson)
  • Sebastian Masaro (Director, Treasurer)
  • Emmanuel Mushi
  • Eva Ngowi (Secretary)
  • Sophia Mariki
  • Godamen Umburi (Director, Trustee)
  • Rose Lyimo (Director, Trustee)
  • Tibrus Mlay (Trustee)
  • Deodatus Shayo
  • Dastan Temu
  • Christina Mkindi
  • Anita Mosha

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